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Sensor Board

sensor board

The Complex Arts Sensor Board is an inexpensive, robust solution for motion detection.
The Sensor Board features the BNO085 IMU with an ESP32 WROOM microcontroller,
enabling a large range of applications including gesture sensing and motion control.


The Sensor Board combines the versatility of the ESP32 series microcontroller with the precision of the BNO085 motion processing unit.
It can act as a stand-alone microcontroller, or an I2C slave device (pull-up resistors required).


  • LiPo Battery Input and Charging
  • Charge Disable Switch For Single Use Batteries
  • SPI or UART Communication Between ESP32 and BNO085
  • 23 Configurable GPIO Pins
  • 3.3V, 5V, GND, and Battery Power Pins
  • Breadboard Compatible
  • Arduino, Micropython, WebSockets, MaxMsp, and Pd support